September's Gin of the Month: Messy Bessy will rock your earbuds and your tastebuds!

Setting up a distillery is no easy chore. To get through the ordeal, it’s best to whistle a familiar song… or write a completely new one!

To celebrate the launch of Burleigh’s Gin, local singer-songwriter Jersey Budd dedicated a song to Master Distiller Jamie Baxter and the 45 West Distillery - the Messy Bessy Blues. “Messy Bessy” is the name of the copper pot still from which batches of Burleigh’s are birthed. Baxter got the inspiration for the name from another song called Messy Bessy, a song much older than Jersey Budd’s composition and written by the musician some reckon to be the father of rock n’ roll, Louis Jordan (pictured in the banner image. Is that the real Messy Bessy sitting on the piano?). 

So as you sip your Burleigh’s this month, remember that your tasting a rock n’ roll child, a gin with a kick of rhythm and blues to get your juices flowing and your tastebuds glowing. 

Have a listen to Jersey Budd while watching the installation of the copper Messy Bessy.