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rock rose gin
rock rose gin
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The Craft Gin Club selects the world's best small-batch gins made by hard-working independent distillers that are doing amazing things with our favourite spirit. 

In August 2015, we featured a special Distiller's Edition of Rock Rose Gin made exclusively for Craft Gin Club Members. Rock Rose is made by Claire and Martin Murray at the Dunnet Bay Distillery located near the most northern point of the mainland UK, Dunnet Head. Their primary botanical after juniper is rose root, a plant that grows in the rocks of the cliffs around Dunnet Head and from where the name "Rock Rose" comes. 

Claire Rennie of Summer House Drinks also treated our members to Scotland's first tonic water, Walter Gregor Tonic and Angela Costello from JA Mackay's Grocer near the distiller provided our members with her delicious Rock Rose Tablet. 

Craft Gin Club Members receive equally delicious surprise gin parcels every month, every other month or every third month depending on the membership frequency they choose.