Is Tinder destroying bars? and other telephone technoholic questions

If the only time you put down your mobile phone is to pick up your drink, then we’ve got the perfect news for you! The drinks industry is slowly working its way into the technology that we all use every day, sometimes for good, sometimes to its detriment. Here are some of the latest developments in the world of mobiles and moonshine.

Is Tinder killing off pubs and clubs?


Mobile dating app Tinder is hugely popular amongst the single - and even coupled - dating crowd. But could the popularity of such a technology actually be hurting bars? An Australian club owner thinks so. A Facebook post by the club owner posits that people aren’t frequenting bars to meet people any more - they simply pick up their phone and they have access to literally millions of people looking for a date. When two people agree through the app to go on a date, they don’t go to danky bars and noisy clubs, they go to more upscale places in an attempt to impress each other. His reasoning seems sound. Perhaps these venues should change their model to cater to the mobile-addicted dating crowd. 

Drink free with Drinki


FREE COCKTAILS! That’s the main message to cocktail lovers behind the latest bar crawling app, Drinki. The app has partnered up with bars around London to offer one free cocktail every day of the week to patrons that check in to the bar with their Facebook mobile app. The check in lets people know where the Drinki user is so it’s great publicity for the bars, which mix cocktails that cost on average £8. The bartender verifies that you’re using Drinki’s app and checks your Facebook check in and voila - you get cocktailed! 

Sure, but will they deliver booze to the real Amazon?

Stateside, e-commerce giant Amazon, which has developing its grocery delivery service for sometime and is even toying with delivery via drone, has announced that it is adding booze to its list of delivery items. Subscribers to Amazon’s Prime membership service in Seattle can simply open up the Prime Now app on their smartphone and order from a range of beers, wines and spirits. Here’s to hoping that the delivery person - evidently in a rush - doesn’t tap into the mobile stock. 

Naked Wines exposes its sales team to oenolo-sexting

After being bought by Majestic Wines in April, “angel” funding platform Naked Wines has launched an “order-by-text-message” initiative. Naked’s members can simply send a text message such as “Send me the same case again” and a sales rep on the receiving end will fill the order. A few days after launching last week, about 70 Naked angels have used the service.