Craft Gin Club Summer Road Trip: Creating cocktails in the Cotswolds

Summer time = traveling time! What's better than throwing your gear in a suitcase and throwing your work into the dustbin as you leave your stress and troubles far behind in exchange for a sun-filled season of new adventures? We can't think of much - except sipping a cool, craft G&T. But what makes that G&T even better? Drinking it at the distillery where the gin was made!

This summer, we're taking a trip through the regions of our craft distiller partners, the places where they make the delicious, small-batch gins that Craft Gin Club Members enjoy every month. 

This week we're visiting the Cotswold's Distillery in the beautiful eponymous region. The distillery is the brainchild of Dan Szor who set out to make whisky - the first whisky made in the Cotswolds - and who has gotten into gin as the whisky ages. But the gin has become so popular that Dan thinks it might become his distillery's signature drink! The team at the Cotswolds Distillery is also very experimental and create concoctions such as an Espresso Martini that start out being tested at the distillery shop before they move on to broader distribution. With so many innovative projects in the pipeline, the Cotswolds Distillery is definitely one to keep an eye on.

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