And the gin revolution keeps on revolting! The latest gin launches

Gin is by far the most exciting spirits category these past few years and with all of the new distilleries and product launches, it seems that the revolution is going to keep on going for quite some time. Here are the latest exciting gin launches that are pushing the category even further in its experimentation including a seaside gin, a shout back to the spirt’s history and a gin infused with music. Rock on!

Edinburgh Seaside Gin

edinburgh gin

The Spencerfield Spirit Company which has been making spirits across the river from Edinburgh for the better part of a decade and which set up the Edinburgh Distillery in the city itself has worked with the UK’s top distilling and brewing university, Herriot Watt, to create the recipe for a Seaside Gin. With seaweed, scurvy grass and ground ivy, this gin is perfect for the summer and complements our Gin of the Month, Da Mhile’s Seaweed Botanical Gin from Wales

Gin Lane 1751

gin lane 1751

One of the UK’s most distinguished distillers, Charles Maxwell of Thames Distillers in London, partnered up with The Bloomsbury Club to produce four gins - a London Dry, Navy Strength, Pink Gin, and Old Tom - that celebrate the spirit’s rich - and controversial history, particularly William Hogarth’s Gin Lane and the 1751 Gin Act. Funny thing is, Maxwell’s family has been distilling gin since the date in these new gins’ title.

Thompson’s Bordelais Gin - France

thompson's bordelais gin

Thompson’s Bordelais Gin was launched by the self-titled “Englishman in Bordeaux”, Simon Thompson. His gin, which is set to launch in the UK this week, is made with “15 natural regional botanicals including caviar from Aquitaine, pêches de vigne (vineyard peaches) and locally distilled grapes.” Coming from Bordeaux, it certainly makes sense that the gin plays strong on grapes, kind of like gins from the Cognac region like G’Vine, Citadelle and Pink Pepper.

Edgerton Blue Spice Gin

edgerton blue spice gin

Already having made a splash with its Original Pink Gin, Edgerton is expanding its colourful range with a darker shade of blue. The Spirits Business reports that the blue brand will be marketed to men and that it is “more earthy” than the Pink. The brand is also launching a Crystal Classic that will be available only at Fortnum & Mason. 

The Spanish Invasion - Santamania

santamania gin

Madrid’s first “urban distiller” invaded its own G&T-loving country last year and has just launched in the UK. With one of the industry’s most eye-catching bottle designs, the Spanish gin is likely to turn some English heads. 

Sing us a song of gin - Rogue Society’s Music-infused Gin

sing us a song of gin

Available only in Australia and its native New Zealand for the moment, the spirits producer Rogue Society has created a limited edition that employs music as a botanical. The gin launched in conjunction with local band Electric Wire Hustle and comes with a free download of their latest EP, Aeons. The distillers admit that they don’t know if the music will make the gin taste any better, but they’re certainly Aeons ahead of others in innovative marketing ideas!