Craft Gin Club Summer Road Trip: Makar Gin recites the poetry of Glasgow

Makar gin

Summer time = traveling time! What's better than throwing your gear in a suitcase and throwing your work into the dustbin as you leave your stress and troubles far behind in exchange for a sun-filled season of new adventures? We can't think of much - except sipping a cool, craft G&T. But what makes that G&T even better? Drinking it at the distillery where the gin was made!

This summer, we're taking a trip through the regions of our craft distiller partners, the places where they make the delicious, small-batch gins that Craft Gin Club Members enjoy every month. 

This past January, we had the pleasure of featuring an at-the-time recently-released gin, Makar Glasgow Gin from the newly-established Glasgow Distillery Company. Only six months later, Makar, the Gin of Poets as "Makar" means "poet", has been granted the status of Gin Master by the Spirits Business, winning the top prize amongst over 80 other gins. We suggest you visit Glasgow not only to taste the city’s first-ever gin, but also to take in the cultural events it has going on this summer. But of course, you can always swing by the Glasgow Distillery Company. Just give them a call!

Where to drink gin


The Glasgow Distillery Company would be happy to welcome you to their distillery on the outskirts of the city to taste their wares, but what may be even more practical is if you visit one of Glasgow’s top gin bars like the GIN 71 - Glasgow’s First Gin Bar. With tasting flights, a Gin of the Week series, and with 71 gins to stay true to its name, GIN 71 will get you educated and get you ginned!

Where to enjoy your gin with music

makar glasgow gin

You may associate the poppy sounds of Belle & Sebastian or the harder sounds of Franz Ferdinand when you think of Scotland. But you definitely think of bagpipes when you think of Scottish music. This August, the best music in Scotland will be playing in Glasgow at Piping Live being held from the 10th to the 16th. 

Where to eat and enjoy Makar Glasgow Gin

makar glasgow gin

Alston Bar and Beef joins modern decor with amazing Scottish beef dishes and a top-notch gin collection.

Where to breathe fresh summer air

breathe summer air

Three miles from Glasgow you will find Pollok Park, a “quiet sanctuary for both visitors and wildlife.” The park has spectacular gardens, three castles and houses the Burrel art Collection. 

Where to learn about Glaswegian culture

glaswegian culture gin

The Riverside Museum, which opened its doors to the public in June 2011 as an extension for the Glasgow Museum of Transport houses over 3,000 objects that take visitors through a journey in Glaswegian history.