4 thirst-quenching international days on which you can drown yourself and all your G&T-loving friends in gin

On guard gin lovers! Next Saturday is the day you’ve been waiting for all year wrong. It’s like Christmas, your birthday and your wedding all wrapped up in one - and maybe even bigger than that. It’s World Gin Day! So get your gin collection lined up and get ready to taste them all. And while you’re at it, check out these other days dedicated to gin cocktails and of course, the ever-necessary G&T. Enjoy!

WORLD GIN DAY - 2nd Saturday in June

world gin day

That’s right gin lovers! There’s an entire day on which your favourite spirit is celebrated around the world for all its juniper-liciousness. This year’s edition being held on Saturday, June 13th, is the seventh time dedicated gin events have been organised with the gin-loving bloggers of Gin Monkey leading the way. The heart of the celebration is definitely London, with several events taking place, the largest being Junipalooza which is being held all weekend and is featuring over 20 gins and the chance to speak with the distillers. World Gin Day and its events are the perfect occasion to learn about the rich history of gin while tasting a few that you’ve never tasted before. 

NEGRONI WEEK - first week of June

world gin day

This week-long event was launched by Campari and Imbibe Magazine in 2013 and has sparked a sudden surge in interest in the classic cocktail followed by a broader trend of drinkers returning to the joys of bitter liqueurs. Aperol, Gran Classico, absinthe, Chartreuse - they’re all coming back in a big way. But Campari’s plea to help people “Rediscover Red” has had the most impact with over 3,000 bars participating in this year’s Negroni Week and all bars donating money to the charity of their choice for each Negroni sold.  



At some point over the past few decades, many people began making their martinis with vodka. We’re not the first to point out that this is totally wrong! The original martini was made with gin. We can probably thank James Bond for twisting history on that one. And now World Martini Day seems to be led by the vodka brand Belvedere. No matter, we won’t forget the world’s most recognised cocktail’s origins. It seems that Belvedere started the day in 2014 as a publicity stunt. Its site is full of pretty pictures of martini glasses. We’ll fill ours with gin, maybe a dash of vermouth, or maybe not. Depends on how dirty we’re feeling.

INTERNATIONAL GIN & TONIC DAY - date not defined due to too many G&Ts

This doesn’t appear to officially be a day yet - but we’re going to strive to make it so! On the Wikipedia page for “Gin & Tonic” there is an entry that says International Gin & Tonic Day occurs on October 19th and was founded in 2010. But the reference link to the American site liquor.com leads to an empty page.

gin day

There is a Facebook community page for International Gin & Tonic Day that declares the date is also October 19th. It seems, however, that the page was set up in remembrance of a gin-loving woman, Mary Edith Keyburn, who “passed away on October 19th, 2010 - at the age of 95 - in hospital with a gin and tonic at her side. It was smuggled into the hospital in a water bottle and served in a teacup.”

We’ll say cheers to Mary Edith. We wish she’d been around to experience the craft gin revolution! 

A couple of other articles online reference the day but seem to be bare on facts. This one from a Los Angeles-based site LA-ist cites the international day as occurring on April 9th but doesn’t say where they arrived at that date. Several articles, for example here and here, say that Hendrick’s Gin is at the root of it all which would be but another nifty publicity gimmick from the Gin King of marketing. Still nother blog post from 2011 puts the G&T worldwide celebration as April 29th but, as the blogger admits, was just borne from a frustrating day of work on April 29th 2010.

So, we’d better gather the powers that be and make International Gin and Tonic Day the real deal. Maybe we should start a petition too. We’re pretty sure people will sign it.

We’ll hold that thought as we mix a G&T:-)