11 love-me-forever Father’s Day gifts dads most definitely need to pimp out their cocktail bar

Is it a coincidence that Father’s Day falls on the first day of summer this year? We think not! The great thing about being a dad in the summer heat (apart from being able to dunk his kids in the pool at will), is mixing chilled cocktails for he and you. To make the best cocktails, however, you need the best ingredients and the best tools. Here are some gift ideas to help dad build up his home bar and hone his mixology skills. The greatest things about these gifts? You’ll benefit from amazing cocktails too!

Professional Cocktail Mixing set

cocktail mixing set

Membership to the Craft Gin Club - 3 months, 4 months, 6 months

craft gin club

Craft Cocktail Book

Martini Glass Set - with skulls!

martini skulls

Range of Bitters

range of bitters

Old Fashioned Glasses set

old fashioned glasses



Artisan Mixers

artisan mixer

Highball Glasses set

highball glasses set

Garnish tools

garnish tools

Man Cave Poster

man cave