Chill out and beat the heat with Gin!

It’s getting hot out there! We know that like us you think there’s nothing better to cool you down on a hot summer’s day than a gin & tonic - but what about those unfortunate occasions when you’d like to enjoy a refreshing G&T but can’t? Here are a few ways to chill out with gin when an alcoholic beverage isn't possible

A light and refreshing sorbet from our resident Gin Chef Carol - easy to make, and the perfect boozy palate cleanser!

This refreshing and flavour-filled ice lolly is what gin-lovers' dreams are made of!

Cool off with this Sting in the Tail bath gel, making gin in the shower totally acceptable!


Pimm's Cup Ice Lollies


These Pimms Ice Lollies from The Little Epicurean are the perfect way to get your sunshine drinking fix

Gin & Tonic Ice Cream

Taking your two favourite things and making them one indulgent delight!

Gin and Tonic Swimmers

gin tonic pants

If cooling down in a tub of gin isn't an option, throw on these g&t swimmers instead!

Juniper Face Mist

This Juniper Face Mist will cool you down with it's refreshing botanicals - the perfect tonic to an over heated face

Take a Dip!


Visit a distillery by the sea like Salcombe, our delicious February Gin of the Month and go for a refreshing swim whilst you're there!