10 chilling ways to beat the heat with gin - without drinking it

It’s getting hot out there! We know that like us you think there’s nothing better to cool you down on a hot summer’s day than a gin & tonic. But what about those unfortunate occasions when you’d like to enjoy a refreshing G&T but can’t (like when you have to drive your kids somewhere or operate heavy machinery)? Here are a few strategies for chilling out with gin when you can’t chill your brain with it (we particularly like the ice lollies).

Gin & Cucumber Ice Lollies

Gin & Tonic Ice Cream

Take a cool shower with Gin & Tonic Bath Gel

Pimm's Cup Ice Lollies

Gin and Tonic Swimmers

gin tonic pants

French 75 Ice Lollies

Juniper Berry Face Mist

Concord Grape Gin Sorbet

Visit a distillery by the sea like Bruichladdich which makes The Botanist Gin and have a swim

visit distillery

A cold, crisp martini in the face