The winners of the Win a Year of G&T contest with the Craft Gin Club and Fever-Tree Mixers

Two lucky gin lovers have won the best prize ever - a year of Gin & Tonic! 

To celebrate World Gin Day this past Saturday, June 13th, we partnered up with Fever-Tree Mixers to promote what is definitely the UK's favourite cocktail (although doubters will tell you that statistically the mojito sells better in bars and restaurants - we doubt them:-) A glass full of ice, an ample measure of craft gin accompanied by its perfectly paired garnish and a top up of a craft tonic like Fever-Tree is the perfect refresher on a warm afternoon and these two winners hit the jackpot just in time for the summer sun. Get to know our winners and rejoice with them in their gin joy by joining the Craft Gin Club with this special deal: £10 off with the code SUMMERG&T. But hurry - this deal only lasts until Sunday, June 21st!

fever tree tonic water

For the Win a Year of G&T contest, we filled one 500ml bottle of Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic full of juniper berries, the main botanical used to make gin. We asked participants to guess the number of juniper berries inside the bottle. Of the 6,000 people that entered the contest, not one got the number - 1,694 juniper berries - exactly correct but there were many who guessed very close. We gave one hint - 1 layer of 67 juniper berries covered the bottom of the bottle. The contest participants who guessed the closest were Katie Casswell who recently moved to Devon and guessed 1,695 berries, and Paul Darlington from the Manchester area who guessed 1,692 berries. 


fever tree tonic water



Katie, who loves G&Ts thanks to her mum and older sister, came upon her berry estimate by using the hint and estimating the number of layers in the bottle while making an educated guess towards the mouth of the bottle as it thins. Quite the educated guess! Coincidentally, the self-described "country girl through and through" who "enjoys all things equestrian" prefers her G&Ts with Fever-Tree tonic, of which she'll soon be receiving a whole year's worth. 

What's more, Katie just welcomed her second son into the world three weeks ago - perfect timing! She commented, "I didn't miss the odd glass of wine during pregnancy, but I couldn't wait for my first Gin & Tonic!" Needless to say, this is a well-deserved win for Katie who plans to share her G&Ts with her loving friends and family except her husband: "Luckily, he hates G&Ts so all the more for me!" Congratulations on winning the contest and on the latest addition to your family! 

Paul's estimate of 1,692 juniper berries comes at the perfect time in his craft gin exploration. For a couple of years now he has been tasting the best there is to offer in his G&Ts thanks to "a few very well selected Christmas and birthday presents from friends and family, including a trip to the Gin Festival." He's now ready to take his gin-joyment to the next level and try to "recognise the great range of flavours you can get from the time the makers take to blend their botanicals." He prefers Fever-Tree tonic in his G&Ts as well and has started branching out into their other mixers, particularly their ginger ale which he says works well with drier gins.

fever tree tonic water

Or course, like any great man, beside Paul sits an even greater woman: his partner Ruth who in fact is responsible for his Grand Prize guess. "Ruth tried the educated guess like the winner (Katie). She obviously had a good go at it because I just added one for my guess. It was just meant to be annoying as she put actual thought into it. I feel a little guilty now."

No need to feel guilty, Paul. We're sure that, like any good partner, you'll be sharing plenty of craft G&Ts with Ruth all year long. Congratulations to you both!