Gin & Tonic ice cream from Sipsmith and other Ginnovations

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Every so often we take a look around at what’s going on in the wonderful world of gin and share the best ginnovations. This time, we’ve had the most pleasant surprise - Gin & Tonic Ice Cream! There are a couple of other ginnovations listed below. But seriously, how can you beat Gin & Tonic Ice Cream? Easy answer. You can't. Our lives are now perfect.

G&T Ice Cream

gin and tonic ice cream

The extreme ginnovators at Sipsmith, one of the UK’s first craft gin distilleries, are at it again, creating a refreshing G&T with a twist just in time for the summer heat. But this twist is not the twist of lime or lemon you’re probably thinking of. In fact, the ginnovation isn’t even the cocktail G&T you’re thinking of. It’s ice cream! That’s right, now you can eat your G&T with a spoon! Sipsmith partnered up with Jude’s Ice Cream to come up with what is definitely the summer’s most gintastic treat. Jude’s Gin and Tonic Ice Cream with Sipsmith Gin comes in 120ml cartons and retails at £2.95 at Selfridge’s and at a number of summer fairs.  

G&T from an iPhone app

tonic journey

Bombay Sapphire has taken your G&T pleasure and turned it digital, resulting in a tonic recipe made just for you. At the Tribeca Film Festival in New York last month, Bombay featured their Tonic Journey, a bar at which festival attendees could mix and match different tonics and garnishes. A Bombay app called House of Imagination lists three different tonic recipes to inspire participants including Dancing Monkey Tonic, Lion in Love Tonic and One Eyed Doe Tonic. What’s more, through the Tonic Journey, participants at the bar could fill out their food preferences amongst other characteristics to come up with their own tonic recipe. Bombay then shipped that recipe to the participants’ house. 

Tonic from beyond the grave

tonic from the grave

Living on the windswept island of Islay leads the mind to wander and the soul to experimentation, exactly how Mark Williams at The Botanist Gin lives on the island. Trouncing through the peat, Williams tells us of making tonic on the go - specifically in an Islay graveyard. All it takes is a few herbs, flowers or fruit of your choice, some water, a receptacle and a Nitrous Oxide canister. In a process called rapid infusion Williams mixes the water and botanicals in the receptacle and blasts them with the N2O from an ice cream whipper. Et voila! Instant tonic! Williams mixed his at the home of the deceased and called it a Graveyard B&T.