Get out! Whisky distillers make gin too? Check out these gin & whisky distilleries for World Whisky Day

world whisky day

On Monday, May 18th, spirits lovers everywhere reveled in the streams of Scotland, the rye fields of the American South, and the shadow of Mount Fuji in Japan - it was World Whisky Day! We hear at the Craft Gin Club deal in clearer spirits, but there’s a lot to be said for the skill that goes behind each dram of the aged brown liquor. In fact, some of that skill has been pouring over into the production of gin in recent years. 

With micro-distilleries all the rage in the US, Europe and Australia, more whisk(e)y is coming off the stills and being stored in barrels of all sorts, a nod to the freedom of experimentation these small outfits enjoy. But while these distilleries wait for their whisky to mature, they have to make some money. So many have turned to creating innovative spirits that don’t require aging, ie, gin. 

Several of the up and coming craft distilleries that we at the Craft Gin Club have worked with are currently barreling their first batches of whisky, adventurous outfits such as the East London Liquor Company, the Glasgow Distillery and the Cotswolds Distillery. Others, such as Blackwater Distillery - Ireland’s first craft distillery - are still playing with their whiskey recipe to get it right before barreling it. 

To help fans of our beloved gin celebrate World Whisky Day, we’ve compiled a shortlist of distilleries that are also producing whisky. 

penderyn whisky and gin
limeburners and gin
gin and rye

Southern USA: Corsair Distillery (Kentucky)

gin and whisky

Eastern USA: Black Dirt Distillery (New York State)

warwick gin and whisky

Western USA: Crater Lake (Oregon)

crater lane whisky and gin

Ireland: Blackwater Distillery - whisky under production

blackwater no. 5 gin

France: La Distillerie de Paris - whisky awaiting production

new spirit whisky and gin