No contest! Gin & Tonic is the best thing you can drink this summer

As these gorgeous summer days continue and you're wearing less and drinking more, you  may have started watching what you eat and hopping on the bathroom scale every morning. This might mean that you're thinking about significantly reducing your intake of your favourite summer tipples as alcohol is known to have an amount of calories second only to fat.

But where's the fun in that?! There’s no need to shut yourself off completely from a little cocktail if you’re worried about your weight. Just drink Gin & Tonics! A well-made G&T with delicious small-batch gins and perfectly crafted tonic with little sugar will help you kick your feet up while also kicking the weight off. Here are a few reasons why a cool Gin & Tonic is your ticket to a guilt-free summer.

1. G&Ts are light on the calorie scale

Weight loss program Nutracheck puts the calories in a standard measure of gin (25ml) at 59 calories. Combine that with tonic and you top out at 120 calories. Use a diet tonic with no calories and you keep that drink at 59 calories. Compare that with 187 calories per pint of bitter beer, 204 in a pint of cider, and 138 calories in a white wine spritzer and it’s a no brainer - Gin & Tonics will make you feel good and keep you looking good!

low calorie gin

2. Drinking gin for medicinal reasons...

Gin has its origins in the Dutch alcoholic drink, jenever, which is malt wine spirit distilled with juniper berries. Jenever was first distilled as far back as the 13th Century as a medicine when the Dutch discovered the health benefits of juniper and doctors administered to their patients for all types of illnesses. Today we mostly drink it to get over the illness of work:-)

low calorie gin

3. Tonic is a tropical treatment

You might not be in danger of catching malaria in Europe but Europeans certainly are when they travel to tropical treasures. A few centuries ago, when Europeans were exploring, malaria was a big issue. Then they discovered that locals used the bark of chinchona trees which we know now is full of quinine, an active ingredient in the fight against malaria amongst other things. Tonic was born from mixing the quinine with water and eventually, to spice things up, gin!

low calorie gin

4. Detox! Detox! Detox!

Apart from the quinine in the tonic, the botanicals in gin are full of health-stimulating properties including anti-oxidants, digestive facilitators, vitamins and cancer fighters.

low calorie gin