Celebrate World Cocktail Day 2015 exactly how Anno Distillers - our Gin of the Month - meant you to celebrate it

Gin is in! That probably doesn't come as a surprise to you. But why the relatively sudden surge in popularity? A big part of its rapid rise is due to bartenders who love working with gin for its wide variety and its myriad options for mixing with many different drinks and garnishes.

This Wednesday, May 13th, we celebrate the fruit of those bartenders' labours - cocktails! World Cocktail Day is celebrated every year on this day to commemorate the first time the word "cocktail" was defined in print by a New York State newspaper in the year 1806.  

To help you celebrate, we'd like to share two cocktails specific to our Gin of the Month, Anno Kent Dry Gin, as well as the Craft Gin Club Cocktail Book, which is full of bespoke cocktail recipes for the gins we have featured in the past. Enjoy these recipes and have a wonderful cocktail-filled celebration this Wednesday!

Anno Straight

50ml Anno Kent Dry Gin

Chill Anno Gin in the freezer, pour into glass. Serve in an ISO tasting or goblet glass. Garnish with samphire slightly bruised

Sipping Note: Slowly sip over 20 minutes to fully appreciate the complex nature of the gin whilst the aromatics develop as the spirit warms to room temperature

Food Pairing: Cheese and biscuits. Pairs especially well with goats cheese, smoked chèvre or manchego, but Anno Gin’s complex flavouring will also stand up to strong stilton or soft cheeses.

Anno Martini

50ml Anno Kent Dry Gin
Splash Vermouth

Shake ingredients in a shaker with ice. Strain. Serve in a chilled martini glass. Garnish with samphire slightly bruised

Food Pairing: Smoked salmon or Anno Gin gravlax toasts for starter or a main of white fish such as pan fried sea bass, dauphinoise potatoes and samphire

For all the gin cocktail recipes and stories you need this World Cocktail Day, download the Craft Gin Cocktail Book