7 American Gins you can't find in the UK - which would you like to try?

American Bourbon may be in high demand right now, but with 1,000 micro-distilleries and counting, the United States is leading the craft sprits revolution, including a number of gins worth noting. Here’s a selection of seven gins that may soon invade from the other side of the pond. Which would you like to see featured as a Craft Gin Club Gin of the Month?

Bummers & Lazarus - Raff Distillery, San Francisco


Genius Gin, Genius Distiller, Austin, Texas

Genius Gin -45% abv 90 proof- is a unique approach and respectful homage to the classic London Dry variety. With a pastoral depth and fresh crispness, Genius Gin utilizes a wide array of familiar -and some unfamiliar- botanicals. The first notes reveal a breath of juniper perfectly married with cardamom and coriander. Then, a silky mix of lime peel, lime leaf, and lavender coat the tongue like a fine bourbon. We strove to create a warm and open set of flavors that play well with cocktails while also being aptly suited for drinking neat. Genius Gin presents a truly new blend of flavors and sensations. Whether paired with the tartness of a gimlet or the richness of a perfect martini, you will be enamored with Genius’ smoothness and beauty.

Spirit Works Barrel Gin, Spirit Works Distillery, Sonoma, California

For this limited production product, we begin with Spirit Works Gin which has been handcrafted from organic California Red Winter wheat.   

After resting for several months in new American White Oak, the result is a smooth, toasty aged spirit with a round, slightly sweet mouth-feel and subtle spice. The time in the barrel has contributed all of the beautiful qualities you might expect to find in a barrel aged product, from the beautiful amber color to the rich notes of vanilla and butterscotch. These wonderful barrel-aged qualities complement the mix of old-world and fresh California botanicals in our gin. We recommend sipping neat or trying it in your favorite gin or whiskey cocktail for a delicious take on a Martini or an Old Fashioned. 

Gustaf Gin, Far North Spirits, Minnesota

"…like a high-speed pursuit through a fjord, passing waterfalls crashing into the sea, billowing with pine and birch forest scented mist, blended with sea-spray blasting up from the bow."


A bold, juniper backbone is balanced by bright citrus, clean herbal and vegetal notes, with a lingering, peppery expression of earth and sea. It is bottled at 114 proof.

Green Hat Distilled Gin, New Columbia Distillers, Washington DC

Our gin is a truly unique artisanal spirit. Each batch of Green Hat Gin is crafted in our small DC distillery. The result is a super-premium gin that excels both in the finest cocktails and with a small cube in the gin-lover’s neat glass.

We mill the highest quality soft winter wheat fresh for each batch and mash it in a temperature-controlled process to release the sugars needed for fermentation. The mash is then fermented to create the “beer” that feeds our distillation process.

After being concentrated and clarified in our traditional copper pot still, two more distillations transform the crystal spirit into a refined and gently aromatic gin. In the final distillation, we suspend our hand-selected botanicals inside the still to allow passing spirit vapors to gently extract the right flavor and scent notes.

Finished with chill filtering and bottled by hand at the distillery, Green Hat Gin is a Washington original. Cheers!

Small's Gin, Ransom Spirits, Oregon

An Oregon spirit handmade in small-pot batches using naturally-farmed and wild-grown botanicals. Intensely aromatic from a complex infusion of juniper, orange, lemon, coriander, cardamom, angelica, caraway, star anise, and raspberry. Small's gin brings together a combination of recipes from the 19th century with obsessive distillation techniques and the finest regional ingredients. The best of tradition, dedication to quality and innovation come together to create a remarkable, elaborate and unrivaled spirit.

Spring 44 Gin, Spring44 Distilling, Colorado

Aroma: Initially floral, with notes of lemon zest giving
way to juniper spiciness.

Palate: Delightfully citrus on the front palate with
lemon and lime zest. Mid palate showcases
the juniper with hints of cinnamon and
green tea. Finish is nicely dry and floral
with distinct notes of jasmine and lavender.

Enjoy in cocktails, neat and on the rocks.

Juniper, Coriander, Nutmeg, Agave Nectar