We here at the Craft Gin Club are always in search of the most exotic, rarest and delicious gins to give our members the most amazing gin-tasting experience in the UK. That’s why this month we’re honoured to feature the latest in a long-line of craft spirits continuing proud traditions from a Caribbean island and a UK exclusive, Jamaican Jungle Gin.

jamaican gin

Jungle Gin is the brainchild of UK citizen and juniper horticulturist Jennifer “Gin” Jensen. Jensen, a doctoral student studying the genetics of tropical species of deciduous plants first arrived in Jamaica a little more than two weeks ago. Within her first week on the island she completely deciphered the genome of the Jamaican jujube fruit. Having completed her objectives for her 18 month stay on the island, Jensen bumped into local moonshine manufacturer who preferred to remain anonymous for this article due to the illegality of his operations. 

jamaican gin

The ambitious Jensen thought, “Why can’t we make spirits with the jujube fruit? It’s genetic composition makes it the perfect ingredient!” Mr. Anonymous then gave Jensen access to his oil drums of hemp spirit and his homemade still. On one morning six days ago the botanist expert arrived with her beloved jujube fruit and a secret mixture of Jamaican plants, herbs and spices, tossed them in the still full of equal parts hemp spirit and formaldehyde and by noon had a savoury spirit the likes our Craft Gin Club Members have never tasted. 

She immediately got on the phone with HMRC who approved importation of her jujube gin on the spot due to her obvious expertise as a botanist and extensive four-hour experience as a distiller. Our deep throat contact at HMRC tipped us off and next thing we knew we were on a plane to Jamaica to have a taste.

jamaican gin

What can we say? It was delightful! We signed an exclusive contract for the next six months with Jensen who is thrilled to live up to the high spirits standards of her middle name. We’ve since cancelled all other contracts with craft gin distillers and are sending our members only Jensen’s Jamaican Jungle Gin! 

Cheers, mon!


Jensen's Jamaica's Gin has unfortunately sunk to the bottom of the ocean on its way over to the UK. It's 86% ABV caused our exclusive shipment to explode when lightning hit our gin boat in the Bermuda Triangle. 

Fortunately, we have a backup. Dan Szor and the lovely team at the Cotswolds Distillery have saved the day with their Cotswolds Dry Gin! Read all about the gin and the many spirits experiments the distillery is undergoing in this month's edition of GINNED! Magazine.