Lucky number 7 and the Luck of the Irish to get you thirsty for Lady Luck Liquor! St. Patrick’s Day isn’t only about Guinness and green beer. You can celebrate that time when everyone is Irish with some Irish inspired cocktails. Here’s a list of the best cocktail bars you need to try next you’re in the Emerald Isle. 

gin bar

“Pretty damn posh” is what you might say to yourself when walking into this Dublin. With different rooms with different atmospheres that lend to your different cravings, you can drink classic cocktails from 37’s well-stocked bar and separate whisky bar or grab a delicious bite to eat. 

blind pig

When you enter this central-Dublin basement speakeasy you’re functioning eyes are not tricking you - you may feel like you’re back in the 1920s. The bar itself is based on the police of Prohibition who “turned a blind eye” to the liquor smuggling going on. Today, with no risk of imprisonment, The Sightless Swine will simply serve you seductive cocktails made by “Ireland’s finest mixologist”, Paul Lambert.

mint bar

This bar in Dublin’s Westin hotel not only mixes cocktails, it also ages them - not particularly a regular occasion for a hotel bar. With cocktails reaching €19.50 it can be a pricy night. But the atmosphere and the chic people-watching will make up for it.

vintage cocktail club

The cocktail menu reads like an chronological drinks encyclopedia. The bar has divided its drinks menu historically, beginning in the early 1400s and ends at the Tiki Craze of the 1930s. It’s long menu also includes concoctions made with that illicit Irish imbibition, Poitin. 

liquor rooms

At the Clarence Hotel, Dublin’s “Original Rock n’ Roll Bar”, you will find what is arguable the Emerald Isle’s best cocktail experience,The Liquor Rooms. The ambiance changes from room to room but is always chic. You can “Hang in the Black Rabbit, Imbibe in the Blind Tiger, Sail in the Mayflower, or Jive in the Boom Room.” And have a great cocktail in each room!

kinara kitchen

It’s not every day you’d think to visit a Pakistani restaurant for its cocktail menu. But Dublin’s Kinara Kitchen has employed the services of the aforementioned Blind Pig’s Paul Lambert. A wide selection of classic cocktails and original creations will accompany you through your Eastern cuisine from starters through to pudding.

koh restaurant and bar

This Asian restaurant serves you dinner à la carte or coffee on its terrace. But the real attraction is its list of cocktails, including original creations and house-aged cocktails that rest in 6-litre casks displayed at the bar.