Arguably the most romantic thing you can do with your lover for Valentine’s Day is take the to an amazingly lovely place for the weekend. What makes it even more romantic? Gin cocktails in chic settings of course! You don’t really have an excuse. Valentine’s falls on a Saturday this year so pack your bags - and your lover’s bag - and hop on a budget flight to one of these weekend gintastic destinations.



bathtube gin

With a blizzard in full-force, New York isn’t exactly the warmest place for a romantic getaway right now. But at least there’s Bathtub Gin to warm you and your gin bunny up! With an already cozy lounge setting, the two of you can get even cozier by sipping a drink in the bar’s signature bathtub. Ten gin cocktails on the menu split between Shaken and Stirred will warm you up even more.


wynand fockink

It may not have the most romantic name or the most intimate surroundings, but Amsterdam’s Wynand Fockink is the best place to get lovey-dovey over a shot of jenever, the Dutch precursor to gin. With your glass of jenever resting on the bar, take your partner’s hand, bend over, wrap your lips around the glass and throw the liquid back. While you’re at it, you can also taste their collection of home-made liqueurs from their on-site still. You’ll also get healthy. Jenever originated as a medecin and Wynand Fockink is curiously arranged almost like an apothecary. 

skyline rooftop bar

The list of classic gin cocktails with a few signatures thrown in for good measure (including the intriguing Corpse Reviver No. 8) will undoubtedly bring you and your hubby closer together. But what will really get your lover’s juices flowing is the view over Venice. If the view is too overwhelming you could take a walk over to the historic, however much less romantic, Harry’s Bar, where they serve one of the world’s strongest Dirty Martinis - 10 parts gin to 1 part vermouth!


barcelona dry martini

Having secured a nearly permanent spot on the list of the world’s top 50 bars and considered the world’s third best gin bar, Dry Martini cut its teeth at its launch thirty years ago by serving just that - dry martinis! Today it mixes up a range of cocktails that you can share with your Valentine in its comfortable lounge setting. 

paris le g'bar and lounge

If you’re taking a romantic trip across the Channel for Valentine’s weekend, why not treat yourself to 5-star luxury. The Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero will not only lay super-luxurious linens on your bed, but they also boast one of France’s best gin bars, G’Bar and Lounge. With thirty gins on the menu and a lovely garden terrace, they’ll take you on a tasting tour made for two. Monkey Bar also makes its own homemade gins, including Green Apple and Cherry Old Tom. 


berlin monkey bar

You can find Bavarian gin on the back bar but Monkey Bar, in the Hotel Bikini Berlin, is not officially related with the increasingly popular Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin. No matter. There are plenty of gin cocktails, both classics and signatures for you to drink while you tell your partner “Ich liebe dich” and peer out over the rooftops of the German capital.

the most intimate bar

If you can’t manage to get out of the UK (shame on you), you could keep an eye out for the World’s Most Intimate Martini Bar. It’s not our first choice as it serves vodka martinis (the bar is a Grey Goose creation) but it’s bar-for-2 is pretty cool. Not to mention that it’s in the back of a delivery truck. So maybe you could jump in and have them drive you to one of the world’s most romantic gin destinations!