Throughout the centuries, many an artist have delivered the message that love is universal, the thing that binds humanity together and practiced by all cultures and creeds. Since distillation is as much of a science as it is an art, we here at the Craft Gin Club feel that love can be shared through the finest gins. And which gin better to represent love than the UK’s Favourite Gin, Warner Edwards.

Here, Warner Edwards - particularly its amazing Victoria Rhubarb - takes a photoshopped tour of some of the world’s most recognizable tributes to the purest of emotions and points us in the right direction as to where to find a decent cocktail while we’re there. 


warner edwards

Rodin first sculpted the Kiss as part of the Gates of Hell, the portal that immortalizes the words of Dante’s Inferno in 3-D. The original title of the Kiss was actually the name of a13th Century Italian aristocratic woman featured in the Inferno and was named as such until critics suggested the more universally understood title we know the sculpture by today.

Today you can find Rodin’s replicas of The Kiss in several cities but the original remains in his museum in Paris where you can find some of the World’s Best Cocktail Bars:


LOVE sculpture NYC

What you know as the LOVE Sculpture originally wasn’t a sculpture at all. Pop artist Robert Indiana was first commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art to contribute to its 1964 Christmas Card. Indiana then took his card design and transformed it into what we know today in, funnily enough, the American state of Indiana. Today, dozens of replicas in multiple languages exist around the world, including this one in New York City featuring Warner Edwards Harrington Dry where you can find some of the world’s top cocktail bars like: 


eros piccadilly circus

The Greek god of love, Eros stands atop the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain at London’s iconic intersection, Piccadilly Circus. The memorial has attracted tourists since its installment in 1892 and remains one of the city’s top photo shooting spots. Eros’ is by most counts the son of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Around Valentine’s Day we know Eros more as his Roman mirror, Cupid.

If you’re in the Capital and snapping selfies with Eros’ fountain, find some relief from the tourists at these cocktail havens on the list of the World’s 50 Best Bars:


el beso lima peru

El Beso depicts what many feel is a relatively graphic art of love. Fittingly, it sits in Lima’s Parque de Amor, which sits in the city’s posh Miraflores district overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The sculpture, according to its artist, Victor Delfin, is a picture of him and his wife kissing but to the uneducated eye it doesn’t look that innocent.

When you go to Lima, you undoubtedly drink Pisco Sours, an up and coming drink in the London bar scene that migrated from Peru with its grape-based spirit. Lima is renowned for its top-notch restaurants. You can enjoy amazing food and a Pisco Sour at:


jeju loveland south korea

On South Korea’s island of Jeju, you’ll find a park not quite like any other - it’s full of sculptures dedicated to sex. The park officially opened in 2004 but Korean honeymooners had been visiting the island for decades before, calming their nerves with a bit of innuendo entertainment by the local staff and no doubt some soju, South Korea’s strong rice spirit.

You won’t find much along the lines of serious cocktail crafting on Jeju Island but when you’re back in Seoul, check out: