Cocktail of the Week: Sibling Signature Serve

When you pull the cork from your bottle of Sibling Gin for the first time, its distillers suggest that you pour it over plenty of ice and mix it with a light tonic water (one with no artificial sweeteners such as the Bottlegreen provided in our December Gin of the Month boxes). No garnish necessary. Felix, Clarice, Cicely, and Digby drink it this way to get a "clear, untarnished idea of the flavours."

If your drink feels naked without garnish, then the brothers and sisters have two ideas for you: orange peel and sliced blueberries, both notes with which the gin is made. The orange peel adds a complementary aroma and a slightly bitter orange flavour so that the resulting G&T doesn't end up too juicy. For the blueberries, slicing is crucial because the tough skin of the berry doesn't allow flavours to escape. If you slice - or even spear them on a cocktail stick - the blueberry notes will come through more readily. Cheers!

Sibling Signature Serve

Fill a glass with ice.

50ml Sibling triple distilled gin.

Top up with Bottlegreen Light Tonic.

Delicious ungarnished, or you can choose to add orange peel or some sliced blueberries.

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