Literary Gin-ius! The best books about gin to give for Christmas

Whilst you're busy filling up your liquor cabinet to lubricate your guests at the coming Christmas festivities, we suggest you also lubricate their minds with some fireside reading about gin. The juniper juice's amazingly rich history has a literary canon bred by bookworms, bartenders and botanists alike. The books below are all highly recommended for gin lovers looking to boost their knowledge in order to boost their ginjoyment of their favourite spirit. 

Of course, the best gin book also comes with gin and we've got just the thing for you: The Craft Gin Club Companion! The Companion comes with our Christmas Gift Hampers which feature some of our club members' favourite gins of 2015. Be sure to get your hamper and Companion before they sell out!

The Craft Gin Club Companion

2015 was an amazing year for gin - and a gintastic year for Craft Gin Club Members as they were lucky enough to taste some of the UK's best and most exclusive gins including special editions made exclusively for club members. Inside the Companion you'll discover everything about these superb craft gins and the distillers behind them as well as stories about the history of gin, a guide to the spirit's botanicals and why gin is undergoing such an intense renaissance. Did we mention you also receive award-winning craft gins with the Companion!

Gin: the Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival

From world-renowned gin expert Aaron Knoll, this book dives into the forces behind the booming craft movement and walking the reader through the history of gin in a way that helps them understand how today's craft distillers are changing the spirit for modern tastes and what it means for gin as the classic cocktail craze evolves. 

gin guide

Full of beautiful images of distilleries, bottles and advertising campaigns, Difford’s Guide is as esthetically pleasing to the eye as it is a knowledgeable pleasure to the brain. Combining the history of gin and its production processes with in-depth accounts of eighteen distilleries and tasting notes for 175 different gins, the Gin Compendium is a superb achievement by drinks expert Simon Difford. 


The Spirit of Gin by Matt Teacher

gin guide

Released in November 2014, The Spirit of Gin modernizes the history to gin by investigating the spirit’s craft boom in the US and throughout the world. Along with profiles of the best gin bars and those warming up to the trendy spirit comes interviews with the people driving gin’s resurgence and a number of cocktail recipes.


The Drunken Botanist: the Plants that Create the World’s Best Drinks by Amy Stewart

gin guide

You may forget when you’re drinking it, but the different flavours in gin come from the different herbs, spices, peels, fruits and berries with which distillers infuse their base spirit. Amy Stewart takes at over 150 botanicals explaining the botany and chemistry behind each and why they go well with certain cocktails and not others. 



The Curious Bartender: the Artistry and Alchemy of Creating the Perfect Cocktail by Tristan Stephenson

gin guide

Professional mixologist and founder of drinks consultancy Fluid Movement which has developed strategies for such experimental cocktail-driven bars such as the Worship Street Whistling Shop and Purl, takes readers on a Cocktail Master Class. Like a good musicians, Stephenson studies the classics and adds modern twists to create contemporary art, all in the name of giving you a better tasting experience. 


Gin: the much Lamented Death of Madam Geneva by Patrick Dillon

gin guide

Dillon’s 2013 release studies in great detail the social, economic and political consequences of the history of the Gin Craze in London in the UK. From the introduction of jenever to the UK with William of Orange’s ascension to the throne through the implementation and repeal of the Gin Acts, a more thorough history of gin in an easy-to-read format you will not find.