Galavanting on Guernsey II - the home of Blue Bottle Gin

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Below is an excerpt from the October 2015 edition of GINNED! Magazine about Blue Bottle Gin from Guernsey. Every month, Craft Gin Club Members receive a bottle of amazing small-batch gins and gin complements accompanied by GINNED! Magazine which is full of information about the gin, the distillery and loads of fascinating features.

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As you dive into the gin in your Blue Bottle, envision yourself also diving into clean coastal waters off pristine beaches on the island from whence the spirit hails. To get you primed for a little R&R on the Channel Islands, the kind folk at Visit Guernsey have suggested the top 10 things to do when visiting the Bailiwick (below you'll find five: find the first five here), all obviously best accompanied by the Blue Bottle cocktail of your choice. For more info, visit

Tasty Walks

tasty walks

Partially along the South Coast Cliffs, Tasty Walks is an initiative by Visit Guernsey that outlines 15 self-guided walks that, with its interactive guide, take visitors from point to point around the island accompanied by recommendations of places to eat. Walks are meant for people of all ages and range from “Witches, castles and famous French writers” to “Forts, shipwrecks and ancient settlements.”  

Castle Cornet

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First constructed on an island off the coast of what is now St. Peter Port, Castle Cornet is now connected to the mainland by a road that stretches some 600 metres out to Little Russel, a channel that runs between Guernsey and Herm. Over 800 years old, the castle houses museums dedicated to its history as well as to that of the military of Great Britain.  

Hedge-veg stalls

blue bottle dry gin guernsey

With a rich horticultural tradition, Guernsey is known for its flowers, tomatoes and at one time, its grapes. With greenhouses scattered around the island for at least the past 200 years, at one point carpenters transformed some into small lean-tos that would rest against roadside walls or those of farmhouses. The tradition continues today with local growers placing their fruit, vegetables and flowers in these mini stalls which work on the honour system for locals wanting to buy the produce and plants.


blue bottle dry gin guernsey

With a history of over 6,500 years, the islands have a very unique heritage.  Neoltithic burials, battles between the UK and France and, more recently, the German Occupation during WW2 leaves stories that are told in many fascinating museums.

South Coast Cliffs

blue bottle dry gin guernsey

Within walking distance of St. Peter Port and with stunning seaside views, Guernsey’s southern cliffs offer a walk through both beauty and history with lookout structures from the 18th century dotting the cliffside paths and fortifications and gun turrets left over as remnants of the German occupation during World War II.