Would you pay £9,000 for a cocktail if it brought you closer to James Bond?

Yeah, that’s right. £9,000.

Last week saw the launch of Mayfair’s newest - and likely its poshest - Italian restaurant, Gigi’s. In honour of one of the stars that attended the launch, Grace Jones, the restaurant mixed (very carefully so as not to spill a drop, surely), what claims the current title of most expensive cocktail in the world, named, funnily enough, the Grace Jones. 

Jones, of course, starred as the henchwoman May Day in the 1985 Bond film A View to a Kill in which she, like most Bond girls, at one point found herself in bed with Bond (played by Roger Moore) and at another exploding in superb fashion while riding a bomb. Although she didn’t strike gold at the Oscars for her performance, Gigi’s thought Jones was worth it, adding flakes of gold leaf to the £9,000 concoction they named after her.

Served in a flute, Gigi’s Grace Jones mixes 1990 Cristal with a Bas Armagnac from 1888, Angostura and sugar topped off with the gold flakes. the restaurant has enough liquid to pour 12 of these cocktails. That’s £108,000 worth of drink, if you consider such a thing having such a worth. 

If you’re not much into 125-year old Bas Armagnac and Cristal, don’t worry. there are other ways to get closer to Bond with your hard-earned £9,000, one in particular that would make a big difference

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Vaccinations for 28,000 Syrian children under Children of Syria, run by UNICEF for which Roger Moore is a Goodwill Ambassador

(estimated from the 2.8 million children that have been vaccinated this year from the £9 million UNICEF has raised so far for the program).