Your Martini olives now come pre-seeped in gin!

No one claims certainty on the origin of the classic cocktail, the Martini. Equally, no one is really sure how olives ended up as the garnish of choice. A few stories exist. 

Legend has it that a miner during the California Gold Rush walked into a bar in the city of Martinez after a successful gold strike and the bartender concocted the libation, including what he had available: a Mission olive..


Another story places the olive’s debut in Paris, plopped in the drink by a Syrian barman who decided to add a taste of home to the already popular Martini cocktail in the 1920s.

The barman’s descendant told the an American public radio station, about his grandfather’s attempt at imbibition immortality explaining that there are a lot of families with the surname “Martini” in Northern Syria and that he believes his relative created the Martini. Again, doubtful, but entertaining. 

Whatever it’s origins, the martini’s olive adornment comes in many varieties from those stuffed with garlic to red pepper to cheese. A few drops of olive brine even replaces vermouth in a dirty martini. Martini connoisseurs like to pop an olive in their mouth with the first sip and let the remaining two rest on the toothpick soaking up the gin. 


Now, you can buy your olives already soaked in gin, avoiding the wait as they bathe in your cocktails!  

Morrisons has partnered up with an artisan gin company to bring you olives infused with gin, just in time for National Martini Day on June 19th. 

The Halkidiki, pitted olives are drenched in gin and have added zest of refreshing citrus flavours - perfect for your gin martini or even just a ginny snack at a BBQ or picnic. At £2.50 for 150g we recon these little ginny gems are going to fly off the shelves, so get them while you can gin fans!