15 real-life #GinProblems every gin lover will understand

If you love gin as much as us and if you are already a member of the best gin club in the UK - hint: Craft Gin Club… we can all agree that craft gin is a wonderful thing, right? But loving anything too much, no matter how completely brilliant it is, can bring its own challenges.

Here are just a few of the #ginproblems gin lovers find themselves facing on a daily basis. The struggle is real, people....

1. When there are just too many wonderful gins to choose from.

2. When gin is all you can see.

3. When other people's gin serving powers fail to live up to your own high standards.

4. When your own organisational abilities let your gin drinking down.

5. And then when your ingredients let you down.

6. When the bar lets you down.

7. When you don’t know how much ice is too much ice.

8. When you have to come up with increasingly inventive ways to make use of all those empty gin bottles.

Gin bottle candle holder making. #Theyrenotallmine #diy #candles #gin #ginproblems

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9. When you have to go to places that don't serve gin.

10. When your local supermarket can second guess you.

11. When any of these statements scare the living daylights out of you.

12. When the garnish game is not strong.

13. When you have to reconsider your shelving choices to hold your gin collection.

14. When you realise the need for world wide attention.

15. When you get to the 3rd of every month and wonder where your money has gone.