If 7 of your favourite films were about gin

Gin makes everything better - including your favourite films! If only these were real...

1. 'Gin-rassic Park'

Jurassic Park gin parody

A shedload of giant gin and tonics running around sounds more like a dream than a nightmare, to be fair...

2. 'Lord of the Drinks: The Fellowship of the Gin'

LOTR gin parody

'One gin to rule them all...'

3. ‘Gin-dipendence Day’

Independence Day gin parody

The aliens are here, and they're thirsty... for gin.

4. ‘Gin-diana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Garnish’

Indiana Jones gin parody

Henry Walton just seems like he'd be a gin guy, doesn't he?

5. ‘The Ginfather’

The Godfather gin parody

'I'm gonna make him a cocktail he can't refuse.'

7. ‘Gone With the Gin’

Gone with the Wind gin parody

Frankly, my dear, this movie could use some gin in it.

8. ‘The Sound of Gin’

The Sound of Music gin parody

'The hills are aaaliveeee with the sound of cocktails'

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