Want to know how many calories are in your G&T?

Summer is great isn't it? Warm weather, alfresco dining, longer days and time to slip into that swim gear...oh...we forgot about the swim gear bit.

But fear not - while everyone is fretting about their 'summer bodies' pour yourself a cool G&T and we will let you into a little secret...G&Ts are the lowest calorie booze to sip while watching your weight! 

That's right...

Weight loss program Nutracheck puts the calories in a standard measure of gin (25ml) at 59 calories. Combine that with tonic and you top out at 120 calories. Use a diet tonic with no calories and you keep that drink at 59 calories.

Compare that with 187 calories per pint of bitter beer, 204 in a pint of cider, and 138 calories in a white wine spritzer.