8 signs you're in a relationship with Gin

Gin is always there for you, in happy times, dark times, and times of love. Some people might tut at your gin shelf - but who needs that sort of negativity?! Gin is your friend and will never tell you what to do (although it may persuade you to do things you probably shouldn't..) Here are 8 signs you know you're in a committed relationship with your favourite spirit..

1. You think about gin when you’re not With It

all i want is a drink.gif

"I cant wait to get home to my gin tonight" - 10 minutes into the working day

2. You secretly think gin is superior to all other drinks

gin not tea.gif

Actually you don’t secretly think it. You know it. So sophisticated.

3. You truly believe gin units don’t count

Lots of Gin.gif

You don’t consider drinking a gin and tonic to be actually drinking alcohol, hence you can have two before you even open the wine. Hangovers? Not with Gin.

4. You don’t understand how other people can’t like gin

i don't understand.gif

But? What? But... It's Gin?!

5. …and you try to convert them


They're obviously not doing it right, and you'll force them to try every one of your gin drinks until they realise. You WILL find a combination that will convince their tastebuds of gin's superiority.

6. You're known as The Gin Person

i do like gin.gif

Your friends and family always know to buy you gin related presents - you're not hard to buy for when they know where the gin aisle is. You get tagged in every gin related post on facebook, and that's perfectly okay with you. 

7. Because to you, gin is so much more than just a drink


And gin-drinkers are part of the family. You practically collect them as friends now because you bond instantly with everyone you meet that shares your deep love of gin.

8. And you know that gin makes everything better

give me some gin.gif

Literally everything.
Bad day? Gin. Good day? Gin. Tired? Gin. Sick? Gin.
Just gin.