8 signs you are in a relationship with gin

Gin is always there for you, in times of love, in the dark times and in the happy times. Gin is your friend and will never tell you what to do  (although it may persuade you to do things you probably shouldn't!) It tastes amazing and you cant get enough of it...here are 8 signs you are in a relationship with gin.

1. You think about gin when you’re not with it

'Oooh I cant wait to get home to my gin tonight' - at 9.30am

Craft Gin Club Monday Gin Meme

2. You secretly think gin is superior to all other drinks

Actually you don’t secretly think it. You know it. So sophisticated.

Gin and tonic Copa Glass on Regal Royal Throne

3. You truly believe gin units don’t count

You don’t consider drinking a gin and tonic to be actually drinking alcohol, hence you can have two before you even open the wine.

Gin and tonic with wings angel drink

4. You don’t understand how other people can’t like gin

But? What? ...But...It's gin?!!

Tom Cruise What

5. …and you try to convert them

'You're just not doing it right'

Gin and Tonic equation teacher

6. You can’t stop talking about gin

You have gin mentionitis. ‘I had this amazing gin and tonic with Strawberry and rosemary last night’; or ‘have you tried the Warner Edwards Honeybee Gin?

Gin speech bubbles

7. Because to you, gin is so much more than just a drink

And gin-drinkers are part of the family.

Gin and tonic chic we are family

8. And you know that gin makes everything better

Literally everything.
Bad day? Gin. Good day? Gin. Tired? Gin. Sick? Gin.
Just gin.

Its been a gin sort of day image meme