Cocktail: Salted Toffee Martini

Salted Toffee Martini

If you have any delicious sea salt chocolate to hand (like the wonderful Willie's Cacao chocolate from October's Gin of the Month box), we urge you to try this delicious chocolate martini - using the gorgeous homemade toffee gin recipe we posted earlier in the month.

This beautiful, boozy liquid desert is the perfect decadent treat for the chocolate lovers out there. 

Chocolate gin martini



  1. Add ice, toffee gin, chocolate liqueur and Amaretto to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. 
  2. Pour the chocolate syrup into a saucer and dip the top of a martini glass into the sauce. Grate some of the Willie's sea salt chocolate into another saucer and dip the coated glass, so the flakes stick to the sauce, creating a chocolate rim!
  3. Pour the contents of the shaker into your chocolatey glass and sprinkle with more grated chocolate - enjoy!  


50ml of toffee gin
30ml of chocolate liqueur
15ml Amaretto

Chocolate syrup
Grated Willie's salted sea flakes chocolate

chocolate rimmed martini glass