G&Pee anyone? Urine Drinkers' Cocktail Guide offers 25 alcohol-free recipes

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We love cocktails here at the Craft Gin Club – obviously our favourites are of the gin variety, but we like to think we’re pretty open minded when it comes to experimenting with other kinds of ingredients.

However, even we had to draw the line when we came across a new cocktail guide this week that is – we kid you not – “all about urine”.

The Complete Urine Drinker's Cocktail Guide is the creation of online bathroom shop Plumbworld. They claim that it was inspired by a recent ‘bathroom habits’ survey they conducted, which found that 3.8% of respondents “admitted to drinking their own urine on a regular basis as they believed it has health benefits.” 

edinburgh gin valentines pee urine cocktail

Recipes in the guide replace the alcohol in a range of classic cocktails with urine to create concoctions such as the Long Island Iced ‘Pee’, The Marga-‘pee’-ta and the ‘Pee’-na Gryllada – which is dedicated to adventurer Bear Grylls, who once consumed his own pee on television.

The practice of drinking your own urine is known as urophagia or urine therapy and has been used in Indian and Chinese medicine or centuries to treat conditions from asthma to baldness. Several public figures have also admitted to indulging in the activity, including Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez, British actress Sarah Miles, US author J.D. Salinger and former Indian prime minister Morarji Desai.

Medical professionals, however, have advised against the practice, arguing that urine is a waste product of your body, so what you are consuming is what your body does not need.
Personally, we’d rather have a G&T than a G&Pee! And we rather suspect this is something of a pee-R stunt….

But each to their own, and if you really want to go – sorry, want to HAVE a go, you can download out the guide from Plumbworld's site.  and the video below: