10 heatwave-busting tricks to sneak Gin & Tonics at work - and not get caught!

“How can I possibly work in this heat wave?” is the question you’re probably asking yourself right now as your entire body melts together with your chair and your computer threatens to explode. You’ve come to the right place for the answer to that question! Drinking at work is not always very well accepted but sometimes it’s just plain necessary. And this is definitely one of those times you absolutely need to drink Gin & Tonics at work to cool you down and get you through the long slog of a scorchingly hot day. To help you sneak those G&Ts you’re craving, we’ve come up with a few strategies. Test them out, see how they go, share any additional tricks you come up with and join our community of 40,000 Gin & Tonic-lovers around the UK!

Tricks to keep your G&T drinking on the down low


Distract your boss from your cup’s real content with this clever coffee mug… 



...or get a covered coffee mug so they can’t see inside

water bottle


Keep bottles of sparkling water on your desk to make it look like that’s what you’re drinking


Tools of the trade

Use this handy mini citrus sprayer that slides right in your desk drawer in order to avoid the mess of cutting lemons and limes whilst still maintaining that G&T flavour.

tools of the trade

Tricks to hide the smell of your G&T

On your body

Wear Gin & Tonic perfume and show off the bottle to your colleagues before you begin indulging.


Take a bath with Gin & Tonic bath gel and rave about it’s refreshing cleanliness characteristics to your boss

perfume mint

On your breath

Share Gin & Tonic chocolates with your boss - they’ll love you and not suspect anything from the smell


Bring Gin & Tonic ice cream to work and let your colleagues cool off with it whilst you sneak a G&T

gin and tonic ice cream

Tricks to defend your Gin & Tonic at work consumption

Health reasons


Honesty is the best policy

Give the perfect excuse: “It’s so goddamn hot I can’t work. The ice cools me down, the tonic perks me up and the gin increases my efficiency by 50%!”