Live to 105 by drinking gin!

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105 year old gin

So you're not used to drinking with your grannie? What about your great-grannie? Maybe you should get accustomed! 

The Scotsman reports that Glasgow grandmother, Ina Carruthers, regularly enjoys "one of (her) favourite indulgences" - gin and orange juice - and that it's part of her secret to living a long, healthy life. The 105-year old told the newspaper that the juniper and citrus juice mixture was her favourite at the Monday night dances she used to attend. On her 105th birthday this past St. Andrew's Day, she celebrated with her loved ones, dancing, enjoying Scottish food and drinking.

Although gin drinking certainly isn't the only prescription to Ina's astoundingly long life, a combination of enjoying your favourite tipple with other indulgences can help you live longer, according to the centenarian. To support Ina's life philosophy, alcohol consumption itself has also been linked to living longer, particularly if you are a female over the age of 65. A study conducted at University College London found that drinking five measures per week translated into the chances of woman over 65 dying declined by 27%, great news for gin-loving peers of Ina all over the country and for their gin-loving children and grandchildren, all of whom can now enjoy a wee dram with grannie resting assured that it's all for her health.