Gin and tonic crisps? Apparently they're not for everyone...

We love a gin-related snack here at Craft Gin Club Towers, so we were excited to hear this week that Aldi have started selling gin and tonic-flavoured crisps (although we wouldn't want to vouch for their Craft credentials!).

However, it seems not everyone was quite so pleased. A police officer from County Durham has hit the headlines for publicly branding the product ‘irresponsible’ on Twitter - and provoking a social media backlash.

PC Claire McNaney from the Alcohol Harm Reduction Unit within Durham Police tweeted a picture of the crisps, commenting: "Totally irresponsible product @AldiUK, what message does this give out to people, especially children?"

Aldi responded: “We're very sorry to hear you feel this way, and we'll be sure to pass your feedback onto the relevant department.”

That was, though, by no means it. Other social media users were quick to respond with a mixture of criticism and humour, telling her to “lighten up” and providing some sarcastic suggestions for other products she might like to ban - including wine gums and steak and ale pie:

Others (a bit like us) were just excited to have found out about the product:

While we’re sure PC McNaney acted with all good intentions, it seems the upshot of it all might be a unexpected marketing boost for Aldi - we hope they’ve got enough stock in!