Pimp your in-flight drink with this Mile High Mixology Guide

Next time you’re on a plane, why not mix things up a bit – literally – by creating your own cocktail?

This Mile High Mixology Guide from US online drinks company, Drizly, has been released in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, which sees millions of Americans flying home to celebrate with family.

From the classic Screwdriver or Gin & Tonic to more complex creations like the First Class Gin Fizz, it maps out some imaginative ways to pimp your in-flight drink using beverages commonly available on long-haul flights (plus a few extras brought from home).

Drizly claims it is aiming to bring back “the days of when flying was a luxury experience, reminding travellers of a time when cocktail lounges were standard on...flights.”

Well, it’s certainly a fun way to kick your holiday off in style!

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