11 spooky cocktails for a gin-soaked Halloween

Halloween may be a time to be scared. But what's so much scarier than Halloween for Craft Gin Club Members is running out of gin! Fortunately that never happens - we keep sending them the best craft gins in our surprise Gin of the Month boxes. Join them in their ginjoyment for 25% off your first gin box and never be scared again!

1. Bleeding Heart Martini

Bleeding Heart Martini Gin Cocktail

Image: Martha Stewart

Pickled beets actually bleed in this creepy crawly take on the classic gin cocktail. Mix one up yourself and see! Recipe here.

2. Vampire Punch

Vampire Punch Halloween Gin Cocktail

Image: Joseph De Leo/Real Simple

Forget blood - real Vampires sink their fangs into this ghoulish gin punch! Recipe here.

3. Blood Sage

Blood Sage Gin Cocktail

Image: Ryan Magarian/Liquor.com

The only blood in this delicious gin cocktail come from the citrus-y favourite: blood orange! Recipe here.

4. Satan’s Whiskers

Satan's Whiskers Halloween Gin Cocktail

Image: Christopher Buecheler/DrinkShouts

It may sound like a devilish gin cocktail, but it tastes absolutely heavenly... Recipe here.

5. Eyeball Martini

Eyeball Martini Halloween Gin Cocktail

Image: Martha Stewart

These terrifying garnishes aren't as scary as they look! Find out how to make them here, and drop them inside your favourite Martini for a spooky twist tonight. 

6. Corpse Reviver #2

Corpse Reviver Number 2 Gin Cocktail

Image: Will Shenton

Bring yourself back to life with this zesty classic. Recipe here.

7. The Last Word

The Last Word Gin Cocktail

Image: Vicky Wasik/Serious Eats

A couple of sips of this gin cocktail and you'll find yourself doing the 'Monster Mash'! Recipe here.

8. Obituary

Obituary Halloween gin cocktail

Image: S&C Design Studios

Absinthe, gin and dry vermouth... if you can survive this powerful cocktail, you'll love it! Recipe here.

9. Black Cat

Black Cat Old Tom Gin Cocktail

Image: Neat Bottle Shop

Double, double, toil and trouble... this pitch black drink is the cat's meow! Recipe here.

10. Slime Rickey

Slime Gin Rickey Cocktail

Image. Martha Stewart

A Halloween cocktail for ghostbusting gin lovers everywhere. Recipe here.

11. Holland Razor Blade

holland razor blade gin cocktail

Image: Lesley Jacobs Solmonson

A gin cocktail from the sour family that's sure to frighten your taste buds this Halloween. Garnishing with razor not recommended! Recipe here.