Galavanting on Guernsey with Blue Bottle Gin

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Below is an excerpt from the October 2015 edition of GINNED! Magazine about Blue Bottle Gin from Guernsey. Every month, Craft Gin Club Members receive a bottle of amazing small-batch gins and gin complements accompanied by GINNED! Magazine which is full of information about the gin, the distillery and loads of fascinating features.

blue bottle dry gin guernsey

As you dive into the gin in your Blue Bottle, envision yourself also diving into clean coastal waters off pristine beaches on the island from whence the spirit hails. To get you primed for a little R&R on the Channel Islands, the kind folk at Visit Guernsey have suggested the top 10 things to do when visiting the Bailiwick (below you'll find the first five), all obviously best accompanied by the Blue Bottle cocktail of your choice. For more info, visit

St. Peter Port

blue bottle dry gin guernsey

Also referred to by locals as St. Pierre Port, Guernsey’s capital city is known to pre-date Roman times and the harbour was used by the Romans. Attractions include Hauteville House, home to Victor Hugo during his fourteen-year exile from France, the Candie Gardens with views out to the Bailiwick’s sister islands, and the Town Church whose first foundations date back to the 11th Century and is believed to hold a record in the British Isles of being the closest church to a pub.


blue bottle dry gin guernsey

With long stretches of white sands, Guernsey’s 27 beaches are amongst the cleanest in Great Britain with Vazon Bay actually winning the distinction of Britain’s cleanest beach in 2014. All beaches are great for relaxing and soaking up the sun whilst some are excellent for water sports like surfing. 

Food & Drink

blue bottle dry gin guernsey

Blue Bottle Gin is just one part of a rich food scene with St. Peter Port home to a number of international restaurants serving the best of land and sea. In the autumn, the Channel Islands hold Tennerfest, a two-month long celebration of their food heritage that offers gourmet fare starting at £10.

The Little Chapel

blue bottle dry gin guernsey

The world’s smallest consecrated chapel, the Little Chapel is a testament to the determination of a religious man, Brother Déodat. Beginning in 1914, Déodat built the chapel three times, tearing it down the first time not long after its original construction and again in 1923. The third version became known through an article in the Daily Mirror and people from around the world began sending in little pieces of ceramic and pebbles that today make the 16 x 9 foot building instantly recognisable. 

Island hopping

blue bottle dry gin guernsey

In addition to Guernsey, three other islands compose the totality of the Bailiwick: Herm, Sark and Alderney. Both Herm and Sark are free of cars and full of beautiful beaches and are within twenty and fifty minutes respectively by boat from St. Peter Port. Alderney is the most northern of the Channel Islands about 20 miles to the Northeast of Guernsey and just 10 miles off the coast of Le Havre in France.