You may know Vegas for its casinos, strip joints and dreams, but this week the world’s geeks and businessmen reign down on the city for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). CES, anticipated anxiously each year by tech entrepreneurs to Wall Street analysts, is the world’s largest collection of gizmos and gadgets attracting 160,000 people this year. That’s a lot of extra tongues tasting tipple. 

For those of you attending CES, or just dreaming of getting lost in Vegas’ desert oasis, here are some of the best cocktail bars in the city outside casino hotels.

herbs and rye

Vegas’ premier library of cocktail knowledge and savvy takes its name from the Anglo-Saxon libations, gin and whiskey. The list of classic cocktails - dominated by the botanical booze and wispy whiskey - is accompanied by an Italian-driven food menu and a bar-restaurant atmosphere.

downtown cocktail room

The bar that boats both a front-end room and a speakeasy in the back has a healthy mixture of original and classic concoctions with a current 9-brand tribute to absinthe. Although the lounge is comfy and the drinks divine, the cocktail menu is a little light on the gin.

wayfarer bar

For an even more speakeasy feel, the team behind the Downtown Cocktail Room hid another bar in a non-descript Vegas establishment. The Wayfarer staff has the same cocktail connaissance as at its sister bar but the cocktails list shouts “Classic!” Once again, whiskey and Scotch overshadow the other base liquors on the menu.

velveteen rabbit

Although it’s name is a reference to a famous American children’s book, the Velveteen Rabbit is actually a shout back to the Victorian age (although the decoration wasn’t actually imported from the UK). It mixes its cocktail menu with a wide-selection of craft beers.

the laundry room at commonwealth

The self-proclaimed (because it’s true) bar-within-a-bar, the Laundry Room’s entrance hides at the back of Commonwealth. Cocktails are a bit more expensive than some of the other bars in this article but the relaxed atmosphere and expert staff will make it worth your while as they’ll mix you whatever you fancy.