dry january

Like many in the UK, you may have participated in Dry January, abstaining from alcoholic beverages for an entire 31 days. Alternatively, you may have participated in the growing annual trend of Ginuary, a whole month dedicated to the tastes, smells and pleasures of gin, which last we checked carries more than a touch of alcohol. 

Both have their upsides. 

For the dry folk, you may have heard stories such as this man who lost 1-inch from his waste, 1 stone in weight and noticed that his skin-tone increased. Or tales from UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage, who braved the month, commenting, “Pub goers around the country believe it when I walk in and whisper my order over the bar (‘Ginger beer? Lemonade?’).”  There’s also this Telegraph journalist who noticed that the lack of alcohol had made him more productive over the month when asking himself if Dry January was “really worth all the misery”.

On the other hand, take the twitter feed, #Ginuary and you’ll see comments such as “The year ahead looks good!”, others asking “why hit the gym when you can hit the gin?” and gin fans anxiously watching the level of liquid in their bottles move ever downward asking the #Ginuary community for recommendations for new gins. Gin drinkers here seem pretty happy.

There are downsides to the Dry January vs. Ginuary debate. The man whose belt-line shrunk admitted that he was probably drinking too heavily before he decided to jump on the wagon - the main reason for his decision - and the Telegraph journalist unabashedly writes that he’s a “better person” when he’s drinking. 

Not all in the #ginuary community are without their excess either. Some speak of their “impending hangover” as they prepare for the weekend and others participating in Dry January say that what’s more annoying than not drinking is hearing about how well Ginuary is going for some. 

At the end of the day, it’s mostly a matter of moderation, taste and enjoyment. We run a club for gin lovers so Dry January is out for us. At the same time, we don’t necessarily drink gin or other alcoholic beverages every day and when we do, it’s usually just a nicely crafted cocktail before dinner enjoyed slowly to stimulate the appetite. If you do that on occasion, you don’t need to participate in Dry January. And, since you only live once anyway, the moderation, taste and enjoyment also makes the times you have a second or third properly-made cocktail that much more enjoyable!

ps. Anyway, gin is good for New Year’s detox:-)