Nothing Exceeds like Excess Drinking: Celebrity Bar Tab Edition

Give us a minute. We’ll get to the celebrities. First, some context. 

If you’re an average Briton, you’ll spend £787 on alcohol this year, or about 3% of the average annual salary of £26,500. After a couple of nights out per month, a few dinner parties and the occasional Wednesday night bottle of I-hate-my-job wine, that sounds entirely feasible.

Of course, that adds up. Over a lifetime, you’ll spend £50k on booze according to a recent study by MacMillan Cancer Support, or about two years of average lifelong earnings. We could all sit here and debate the merits and perils of spending such a sum just to take the edge off at the end of the week, but this article is about celebrities. And man, do they take the edge off. And then some.

Just in the past few days, a reported $285k (£175k) has been spent in two clubs by two celebrities. That’s almost enough to feed four Brits booze for a lifetime. 

moet and chandon champagne

Hotel heiress and we’re-not-sure-why-you’re-a-celebrity original, Paris Hilton, dropped $230k (£142k) in a posh New York club last Wednesday while you were at home with your £10 bottle of Tesco’s I-hate-my-boss-too shiraz (she also left $47k in gratuities for the club staff which would probably make you like your job and boss better).

Rapper Young Jeezy was feeling generous while celebrating the release of his new album and spent $55,000 (£34k) on champagne in an Atlanta night club. $20,000 of that was spent on just one 6-litre bottle of Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial Rosé Leopard Luxury Edition. Makes you want to say “jeez”, doesn’t it?

You don’t have to go to a nightclub to spend your yearly salary though. Two restaurants have in the past few days introduced menu items that are a bit too steep.

Mayfair’s newest Italian restaurant, Gigi’s launched last week with a celebratory £9k cocktail named after launch party guest, musician and James Bond actress Grace Jones, while a Chicago hotel added a $1,000 (£618) ice cream sundae that comes with a bottle of Dom Perignon and 24kt gold leaf. 

Yes, all of that seems excessive. To bring you back down to earth, if you’re looking for excellent spirits just as finely crafted as £10,000 bottles of Cristal, we suggest you try some of our hard-to-find craft gins and share them with your friends. After a superb craft G&T, you will all wonder why celebrities feel the necessity for excess.