Questions for a Bartender - Dom Balfour, Graphic, London

Dom Balfour, the newly-anointed General Manager of Soho’s Graphic drinks in solidarity with his fellow bartenders: none of them like the term “mixologist”. “There’s a certain wankiness to it. If not bartender, we prefer to be called alchemists,” explained Dom. There’s a certain balance that comes with making drinks, a chemical aspect, almost like a science.”

Dom, proud to be a bartender as they “drink more than anyone on the planet”, took a minute from creating liquid gold (and his cocktail du jour, Corpse Reviver #2, to introduce himself to the Craft Gin Club.

Graphic London

1. What’s your favourite thing to do in London when you’re not mixing drinks?

Drinking those drinks with other bartenders! All of the bartenders from the coolest bars love to hangout and share their concoctions.

2. What did you wear the last time you went out?

My style varies all the time. Sometimes I’m in a waist coat, trousers and shoes. Other times its skinny jeans and a t-shirt with a fedora or baseball cap. I like to make a bold fashion statement.

3. What’s the most recent film you saw? What did you think?

Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m a real comic book fan at heart. I like computer games and anything to do with superheroes. It wasn’t the best film in the world but it satisfied.

4. What's the last song you listened to on your phone?

Funnily enough, it was in Guardians of the Galaxy - If you like Pina Coladas!


5. Name the top place on your list that you haven't been to yet where you'd like to enjoy a cocktail

The Dead Rabbit in New York. It’s been referred to as one of the best bars in the world and has won multiple awards. Plus, my friend Bobby worked there for a year and he’s a great bartender and ex-manager of Milk and Honey. 


Oktoberfest started this week. How many litres of German beer would it take before you could be convinced to make a bold fashion statement in lederhosen

I’d say about six litres. Maybe less if you throw in a girl in full Bavarian dress.

Girl in Lederhosen