3-2-1… Ginoff! The latest craft gin launches

The Gin Renaissance continues! New gins are coming from new distillers as well as spirits producers that are turning their attention to gin. Below you’ll find several of those that launched over the summer. And you’ll be happy to know that more craft gins are soon on the way.

Distilling Siblings

The June launch of Sibling Triple Distilled Gin has gained rapid notoriety, enough to be featured at the luxury department store, Harvey Nichols. If stories entice spirits enthusiasts to taste new drinks, then the Sibling story is one to inspire: it was launched by four brothers and sisters ranging in age from 15 to 22. The young crew have launched the first distillery in Cheltenham and are producing their gin with a “crystal distillery”, a unique still composed of glass and steel thought to be the first of its kind in Europe. We’ll be sure to follow their development… and that of their gin!

Hogarth’s Gin Palace

Residents of Bolton, near Manchester, will soon have a “Victorian-style gin palace” in which to taste the latest craft gins. A town pub that shuttered a few months ago is being transformed into “Hogarth’s”, a “lavish-style bar” that will brew its own beer and, in partnership with a distiller, produce a custom originating from a Gin Craze-era recipe. Be sure to pass by to see the copies of works by William Hogarth. But mostly go with an adventurous tongue to test their craft gin!

Lakes of Gin

The first distillery to be opened in the Lake District in over one hundred years, rightly named the Lakes Distillery, launched its first gin, The Lakes Gin. The gin, which is hailed as the only gin produced in Cumbria, will be available for tasting at the Taste Cumbria food festival in late September. 

Across the pond

Over in the States, Texas-based San Luis Spirits, which has produced three lines of vodka since 2005, has added its first gin. Dripping Springs Artisan Gin favors floral hints over a juniper-driven London Dry and sources several of its 9 botanicals from the Rio Grande Valley in order to give the gin that Texas flare

In North Carolina, Durham Distillery will soon be producing gins based on the hundreds of gins the husband and wife couple behind the venture tasted while touring the world. Their first two gins will be an American Dry and a Navy Strength.