Why the Apple Watch is the perfect cocktail bar companion

Apple is back at it, blowing the minds of consumers everywhere with more stunning technology! The Cupertino Colossus has, as expected, officially announced its next product line, the Apple Watch. The wrist computer is elegantly designed, comes in two sizes and has a host of features that will appeal to a variety of potential users. Here’s the Craft Gin Club’s look at the Apple Watch features most likely to help out cocktail connoisseurs.

Wearing an Apple Watch will garner you serious attention

apple watch

As happened with the iPhone at its launch seven years ago, you’ll find yourself the center of attention if you’re sporting a Casio-on-steroids in the months after Apple Watch’s retail launch. Of course, it may just make you look like an Apple Fanboy which might not attract the type of attention you're looking for.

Apple Watch will direct you to the cocktail bar with a wrist buzz

Apple Watch Directions

If you’re going to meet some mates at a recommended cocktail club you’ve never been to, then you don’t even have to take out your iPhone or look at your Apple Watch. Once the gadget knows you’re destination it will show you how to walk there simply by vibrating. Different buzzes burst on your wrist depending on if you’re supposed to turn left or right. The function becomes even more practical once you’ve left the club and you can’t find your way home. Or if walking isn’t your thing, you could always hail an Uber with your Watch. 

Seamlessly pay for your drinks

seamlessly pay for drinks on apple watch

Apple has finally integrated NFC into its 6th generation iPhones and the Apple Watch is no different. When you’re closing out your evening tab, there’s no need to produce your wallet and risk forgetting it. Just place your arm near the bar’s NFC sensor, double-click an Apple Watch button and let Watch send you a familiar wrist buzz to confirm the transaction. 

Track your daily activity, primarily those elbow curls

daily activity measured on apple watch

Throughout the day, Apple Watch monitors your movement and can gauge whether or not you’re daily habits are healthy by determining whether you’re moving, exercising and standing enough. Good thing you’re standing at the bar tonight then bending your elbow. Congratulations! You’re going to proudly destroy your moving and standing objectives.

Get out of your cocktail suit and into your track suit

cocktail suit into running suit apple watch

Apple Watch’s workout applications aren’t necessarily useful for your cocktail evening but it’s a must for the day after. A look at your wrist will show you exactly how much exercise you need to do to burn off the calories of last night’s enjoyment.

Reassure your loved ones

apple watch heart beat

The fifteen minutes you spent at the bar chatting with that hot guy while waiting for your drinks may have seemed a bit too enjoyable to your husband. But don’t worry. Apple Watch has you covered. Just send your man a little “This guy is not as hot as you” by sending him your heartbeat. 

Make sure your cocktail companions don’t muck up your drink order

wordless communication apple watch

If you really want that martini and you know your mate will forget, just send him a reminder. Apple’s calling this “wordless communication”. 

Track how many cocktails you’ve had

apple watch

Well, this may not be a feature yet. But someone will write an app for it. Apple Watch comes complete with a combination of infrared and optical sensors that track your pulse and basically see the blood through right through your skin. Someone will come up with a way for Watch to track your blood alcohol level. 

Yes, you should probably finish your cocktail and get back to your family now.

apple watch

Funnily enough, the Apple Watch tells time too.