Gin is booming in the UK! The until-recently dated spirit is back in full force and not only brought the gin itself with it but also a host of activities. Give your Gin Lovers more than just a bottle of Gordon’s and a six pack of Schweppes tonic. Show them you love them by giving them a Gin Experience!

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Does your giftee love a cold G&T but isn’t aware of the complexities that quality crafted gin evoke? Then it would be a good idea to further their admiration of the spirit with some new gins to taste. You can do this in one go with an event, more gradually with a discovery subscription or with a tasting set:

gin festival

Tickets to one of the Gin Festivals traveling around the UK would be much appreciated. With over 100 gins at some events, your giftee will get a true crash course… and hopefully not crash into anything afterwards.

A discovery membership with the Craft Gin Club opens up your giftee to the diverse and rapidly growing world of gins made by independent distillers. No mass-produced spirits here!

gin foundry

Alternatively you could introduce your giftee to the four different styles of gin with the Gin Anthology tasting set from the Gin Foundry


The best way for your giftee to learn about gin without actually starting by drinking is to take a distillery tour or an educational introduction to gin.

shake rattle stir

Shake, Rattle and Stir offers a variety of gin-based tours in London such as the Gin Journey that give participants a detailed history of the spirit before plunging into the tastings and cocktails


The Ginstitute at the Portobello Star takes participants through the history of gin in a Victorian gin palace setting that doubles as a museum full of gin artifacts. 


Buy your giftee a tour at any number of gin distilleries all over the UK. Show them the difference between craft distillers and mass produced gins by starting with a tour at a distiller such as Sipsmith’s and moving onto one such as Beefeater


If you’re giftee loves gin enormously and thinks they would have a knack for choosing their own perfect botanical blend, why not help them make their own gin? You have two choices; either give them a homemade gin set or set them up with a distillery that will make their personalized gin for them. Here are some options:

gin homemade

Homemade Gin

The Artisan Gin Maker’s Kit comes with a bottle of vodka and botanicals (primarily juniper of course!) Try it once and you’ll never have to worry about a gin shortage again. In fact, you may be able to become your own “distiller” just buy choosing different botanicals than the kit and buying another bottle of vodka.

burleigh gin

Have a distiller make your gin

A number of distillers have begun offering their stills up to the whims of gin lovers so that they can make their own personalized bottles. A few we know are the Cambridge DistilleryCity of London Distillery, and the 45 West Distillery near Leicester which provided the Craft Gin Club's November Gin of the Month, Burleigh's.