Playboy's Top 10 food & drink trends in the USA: gin is in!

The men’s magazine that made its name with a mix of in-depth celebrity interviews and the regular less-than-dressed Miss of-the-Month, Playboy, names the top 10 food trends in the States for 2015. We watch what happens in the States because all those trends eventually crawl across the pond so Playboy’s predictions could be prescient for the UK market and are worth paying attention to. 

When it comes to gin, there are several factors that indicate a growing popularity in the spirit. 

Playboy’s article is based on a white paper called “11 Hottest Food & Beverage Trends in Restaurants and Hotel Dining for 2015 + 22 Buzzwords: The Whiteman Report”, by “International Food + Restaurant Consultants” Baum + Whiteman. When it comes to gin, the report predicts that Herbal Liqueurs are on their way back, riding a retro wave of Negronis. It cites one restaurant in New York that allows patrons to mix their Negroni from “18 head-spinning spirits, bitters and vermouths” and reasons that bartenders will dash more bitters into classic Gin and Tonics to enhance the flavour. 

The return of herbal liqueurs is a certain boon for gin sales, itself a spirit based on herbs. The ingredients in these liqueurs complement the variety of botanicals in different gins very well and will lead to an increased interest in inventive gin-based cocktails.


Pimm’s Cup No. 1 makes a comeback as well as people turn to communal punches to change up the drinking experience, also a shout out to a more innocent age. Pimm’s isn’t strictly gin, but it’s secret recipe, as well as those of a multitude of summer cups, is based on it. And an increase in Pimm’s popularity would likely lead to more people returning to gin-based cocktails. 

Lastly, Baum + Whiteman’s report hails the “explosion in local distilleries” around the country and the “Drink local” movement as 2015 buzzwords. Although whiskey is often the primary goal of these distilleries, many start by producing gin. With so many new distilleries, expect many more gins to enter the market. 

In the UK, fortunately we don’t have to wait for locally-produced American gins to make it over here. Craft distilleries in the UK are booming and creating a new, diverse market for Britain’s national spirit.