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sand martin pub

A pub is perhaps the most splendid of places to land on a bit of boredom: you’re surrounded by friendly folk, the ambience is warm and welcoming, and your brain is bursting with boozy ideas. So it’s no surprise that a group of pub patrons fed up with visiting the same pub week after week decided to broaden their horizons… by pounding a pint in every pub in the land.

The Black Country Ale Tairsters, named after their place of origin in the West Midlands near Birmingham, set out thirty years ago on what has become the world’s longest pub crawl. Beginning with a tippled team of twenty, every week since 1984 the Tairsters have tried a new pub somewhere in the UK. 

In November this year, the two remaining members, Pete Hill and John Drew, drank an ale in their 18,000th pub, an achievement that further solidified their Guinness Book of World Record for drinking in every UK county. Their quest has included over 250,000 miles driven, 150 boxes of memorabilia from all of the pubs, and a minimum of 36,000 pints between them. Their noble journey was neither without a noble cause. They asked every pub they visited to donate £1 to a local children’s hospital.

Just as the Tairsters sought the perfect pint, Alex Wolport, Founder at ELLC, set out on a crawl around London to find the perfect martini for their new gin. As it turns out, after consulting a number of bartenders around town that the East London Liquor Company Batch 2 Gin can “stand up against large doses of vermouth” and that he liked the gin best in a martini with fresh botanicals as garnish.

And so, as the participants in the world’s longest pub crawl whet their whistle across the country, ELLC voyaged across London to land on its Whet Martini.

Whet Martini

  • 60ml East London Liquor Company Batch 2 Gin
  • 20ml Lillet Blanc
  • Sage leaf

 Stir over ice until appropriately chilled.  Pour into a martini glass and garnish with a fresh bruised sage leaf.

 With good sage this drink goes well against fettuccine alfredo