As life would have it, we’re not always in the vicinity of our favourite cocktail bar and bartender. So we have to improvise. But finding the ingredients and tools to mix cocktails when the improvisational itch attacks can be a problem. Here are some ideas for the cocktail lovers in your life that will help them to sip their favourite libations at those unfortunate times when they don’t have access to professionals.  

Other Gift Ideas

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The artisanal products site Etsy has a host of cocktail travel kits. We like the one listed here for its simplicity and its vintage value… and because it will ship from California to the UK! For under £20 pounds you get tartan, fabric case with three glass bottles and shot glasses. Perfect for picnics when wine just isn’t going to cut it.


The Stateside company, the Cocktail Gator, asks “Where isn’t the bar?”, a question we’d all like to ask ourselves at some point but are only really able to do so in Vegas. This monster fits up to 8 2-litre bottles, fits a 10 pound bag of ice, has a spring loaded cup dispenser, and even has a top shelf for mini bottles. Better than a case of beer!


The Travel Cocktail Kit by Los Angeles-based designer Stephen Kenn looks like something that James Bond would carry around with him so he’d always have the perfect martini ready for his female companions. A leather case with 9 mini bottles and a mixing spoon comes with a cocktail book of 15 recipes from the world’s top cocktail bars. 


Christmas is without a doubt the most stressful time to travel. But you can be prepared to take the edge off with the Carry on Cocktail Kit. The nearly-pocket-sized package comes with everything you need, bar the alcohol, to make two Old Fashioned - bitters, muddler, bitters and sugar. You just have to ask for the bourbon when you get on the plane. 

If you don’t want to pay the $24 for an official kit, you could always follow the advice of Thrillist which says that packing mini bottles and ingredients from the airport food court will help you relax at 30,000 feet. 

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