London Cocktail Week: Martin Miller’s Tastemaker’s Global Bartending Competition European Finals

At the start of London Cocktail Week, the gin that brings “Romance and Adventure in a Glass”, Martin Miller’s, held the final round of the European leg of its Tastemaker’s Global Bartending Competition. Twelve finalists spent the large part of the day at Merchant House, home to the City’s largest collection of gin at 250 bottles, including Martin Miller’s.

The gin, distilled in one still named Angela in England before being shipped off to Iceland to match the flavours with pure water from and Icelandic fjord, was the central ingredient of the mystery cocktail boxes competition participants were handed. Competitors were charged with creating a cocktail on the spot from the ingredients in the mystery box, which ranged from liqueurs like Benedictine D.O.M and Chartreuse to pine tree branches and jam. 

In addition to mixing a new cocktail, participants were aksed to name their creation. Celia Schoonraad (@StirSensibly) whose box revealed the pine branches, named her final entry “I Pine for you”, while competition winner Megs Demeulenare (@megdemeulenare) reached back to her North American roots to name her’s “Miller Time”. 

Megs won the European region for the competition and gets an all-expense paid trip to Iceland for the Tastemaker finals where she’ll square off against bartenders from four other regions.

martin miller's gin