Music Moonshine: the best costumes for a Rock n’ Roll Halloween

If you’re still looking for inspiration for Halloween this week, just pour yourself and G&T, put some headphones on and close your eyes. Let the combination of music and alcohol send visions racing through your mind like Lucy and her diamonds in the sky. this Friday. Or just take a look below at a few rockers that managed to mix music and makeup to entertain audiences everywhere.

David Bowie

david bowie

Voted the best dressed person in the history of the British Isles, David Bowie’s personas, particularly in the 1970s reached both new musical and performance heights. Keeper of Ziggy Stardust and The Thin White Duke, Bowie continues to entertain us today with music and fashion alike.   

The Flaming Lips

the flaming lips

Wayne Coyne and Co. are as much musical geniuses as they are snazzy dressers. The career of the Flaming Lips, spanning over thirty years now, has produced a wide range of costumes one more zany than the next. But then again, with a 24-hour song and album titles like Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, it wouldn’t seem right if they got on stage without a costume - or surfed the crowd in Coyne's signature bubble.

Daft Punk

daft punk

The streets of Paris are lined with fashionable boutiques, but perhaps the city’s most haute-couture-ious export is the helmets of Daft Punk. Through their twenty-year history, the electronic duo often sport their space hats at events and certainly during their concerts. Makes you wonder if it’s actually them under there or if they’ve just franchised their concerts.



They may be hard on your ears, but the thrash metal band Gwar is equally difficult on the eyes. The band - celebrating thirty years of headbanging, satirizing American life and fart jokes this year - always arrives on stage costumed and ready to spray its audience with fake blood and sticky liquids. 



The worst thing Kiss ever did to themselves was take their costumes off for a decade in the middle of their forty-year career. Enough said.