We are happy to announce that we are accepting applications for our Craft Gin Club Gin of the Month Distiller Partners for the first six months of 2016! As a Craft Gin Club Gin of the Month, you will be one of a select few distillers (12 per year) that experience a highly effective, one-month campaign around their brand. As of July 2015, our distillery partners are benefiting from over 1 million brand impressions through our digital media channels and are getting their gins directly in the hands of the UK's most discerning and enthusiastic gin lovers. 

To apply, please;

  1. fill out the form to the right
  2. send us your sample bottles to the address below

Craft Gin Club
c/o Jon Hulme
20 Heacham Ave.
Ickenham, Uxbridge
UB10 8TR
United Kingdom

We accept applications from independent distillers all over the world. Applications are due before August 31st, 2015. Applicants will be contacted in September and October.

Winning applicants will be chosen on a number of criteria with the most important being:

  • the feedback of our tasting panel
  • your distillery story
  • the exclusivity of your gin (ie, special edition batches for distillers whose brand is already available in the UK or a UK launch for distillers outside the UK)

For more information, please download our Distillers' Guide (published April 2015 - figures and some processes are out of date)

Please send any extra materials that add to your application such as marketing texts, images and press releases to [email protected] You may address any questions you might have through this email as well. We ask for your patience in awaiting a response.

We look forward to receiving your application and to tasting your gins!

photo credit: East London Liquor Company's beautiful stills

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Primary Contact
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Are you launching any new products in 2016?


The Craft Gin Club was borne of a deep admiration for the passion that you, the independent distiller, place in your spirits. The care you instill in your gin’s production, the story behind your distillery and your tasting objectives are all essential elements of fully enjoying your gin, a fact recognized by select consumers. We connect you with these consumers and, just as importantly, guide newly curious gin drinkers to appreciate your pursuit of perfection.


By partnering with the Craft Gin Club, you gain exposure to the customers that matter while giving them a unique experience with every sip.

During your partnership, you will participate in a highly effective month-long campaign to promote your gin and your brand. In addition to sending your gin to the customers that count, we offer the advantages listed below.

Qualified Audience

Exclusive content production

CGC Members are both gin enthusiasts and those curious to learn more. In each case, we bring your gin to the drinks lovers most interested in getting to know your brand.

Our journalists get to know you intimately and create a content package that includes stories about your distillery, fun facts about your gin, cocktail recipes, tasting notes and much more.


Lead Generation

Digital Marketing

We strive to make our Members your regular customers after your featured month. We help them to find your points of sale and encourage them to share your gin with their friends and family.

Throughout the month that you are featured, we communicate about you and your gin regularly in our Ginned! Magazine and on our social media channels.


Expand geographic reach

Customer feedback

Your gin will be sent to Members in hard-to-reach parts of the UK, regions that you may not otherwise have a chance to visit. Coming soon: international distribution.

We know you want to know what your new customers think. We organize virtual Q&A sessions with our members who love to get to know the makers behind their monthly bottle.